• Spotdrop

    A map based social media app. Built as the final project of the Eddisrupt bootcamp. Demo auth: email:, pass: a

  • Tensorflow Game of Life

    Conway's Game of Life on the browser with WebGL support using Tensorflow core

  • Villa340 Student Accomodation

    Website for a student accomodation business built with Gatsby

Code tests
  • Crypto wallet

    A small Angular app built for

  • Account page

    A vanilla JS app built for Premium

Tech demos
  • Angular SSR Auth

    A demo of Angulars' Universal SSR with correct handling of authenticated users

  • React demo

    A React app showcasing many of the librarys' features

  • WebAssembly demo

    Web Assembly allows low-level, C like code to run in the browser. The benefits over JS are faster execution speeds and predictability

  • Random tests

    An app compiling various unrelated frontend tests

  • Codepen portfolio

    Contains many smaller components, animations, and effects built for 100dayscss